Thursday, January 13, 2011

There's a huge issue nesting upon our shoulders.
Perhaps, more important than any ever devised.

But it's finally time to address this monumental cause.
Here's a plea to every woman throughout Western Civilization.

Ladies please: Distance yourself from Feminism.
You can still maintain the highest level of privilege.
And, keep your cherished status, forever.
You need not sacrifice anything.
It's the deal of a lifetime.
Women yield a great deal of power in society.
her persona is widely celebrated.
And, men accept these terms happily.
But, the worst enemy has descended upon us.
The Onslaught of feminist threatens to tear relationships apart.

But, there's a simple solution:
Don't support the evils of feminism,
and, sure as hell, don't preach it to men.
It's really that simple, ladies.

Please listen closely.
You've got a very special place in the hearts of everyone.
You might even say, it's a Woman's World.
So, you needn't succumb to Feminist dogma.
Their only goal is to induce conflict amongst the genders.

Although, Feminism is portrayed as avocation for equality,
it's really nothing more than bondage over human thought.

SO, ultimately,the message is clear:
Guys are quite tolerant of many things;
but feminism isn't one of them.
He's willing to lift you higher.
But, he'll turn on you, the minute you mention that dirty 'F' word.

Now, let's examine the whole issue from different angle.
In terms of Race & Culture;
The Media has conspired to pit Women against men in all Westernized nations.
SO, this Gender war begins taking on new meaning.
It seems, after all; Social Engineers were not primarily raising gender conflicts.
But instead; they were using Feminism to destroy Western Civilization.

Is this the true reason why Feminism targets all European Cultures?
The Media has given an overdose of propaganda aimed at destroying relations between Caucasian men & women.
Meanwhile; that same media actively promotes old-fashioned values amongst the immigrant population.
Is this genocidal warfare?
You've just learned the true reason why Feminism is everywhere amongst English speaking population. While Europe also faces a heavy burden.
Feminists have been known to hate European culture, as well as, men.
So, as a result of their onslaught; American men began turning their backs on women.
This problem must be reconciled.
So, the solution here is quite simple:
Let's just ignore Feminism.
Our Dear Ladies; please listen to this message.
It's a plea for harmony with our beloved women.
Let's get back to building families together.

[footnote from Dan2: okay, let's cut the crap.
Enough of this poetry.]
Bluntly said:
The Media has brainwashed White Women into being the biggest assholes on the entire planet. But, she was too blind to see.
Social Engineers are using feminism to destroy European families.
That's why every woman must learn about this conspiracy.
A conspiracy that's driven by The Media, in their attempts to engineer Europe cleanly out of existence.
So, please don't associate with Feminists.
Don't bully men with feminism.
Don't tell him to help out with chores.
Don't quote feminists during a debate or discussion.
Don't claim sovereignty to feminism.
Don't taunt men with feminism.
Don't band together with Feminists.
Hopefully, you ladies finally Understand.
The Media has only created these Gender-wars within the white community.
But,thanks to this blog;
you've now been informed with profound knowledge.

So, if you've never discussed an article before,
Please make this an exception.
Spread the word.

We must build positive relations between the Genders,
for the nurturing strength of Western Culture.

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